Daily Archives: March 26, 2008


Most of my internet porn surfing involves beautiful shoes that I can’t really afford. That kinda sucks. This week’s installment features shoes that are under $75 – which is generally my limit for shoe purchases (I actually hate to spend more than $50 unless it’s a pair of boots). I’m not a big advocate of Target or Payless shoes unless you’re looking for a one-wear cheap shoe (like dyeables or something), but there are plenty of good shoes out there that are affordable. And, if you look for sales, you can really save some big bucks.

So – two pairs today:

All this for only $65 (and free overnight shipping from Endless). I love the Naughty Monkey brand – not because I have any experience with their shoes – but because that is a very cool name for a brand. Naughty Monkey. Hee.

This Madden Girls shoe is under $40 – and just as cute as a button! It also comes in red/white – which is quite stunning, but I like the classic black/white.

I was looking for a third shoe in a different brand, but everything that caught my eye was Naughty Monkey – so fine – go and buy Naughty Monkey shoes. They are so cute. And naughty. And monkey-like.

You could get this one:


or this one:


Or even one of these ($74.95 each):

The most expensive Naughty Monkey shoe at Endless is this one:

– and it’s only $79.95.

In conclusion, I love Naughty Monkey. Also maybe they should send me some cool new shoes because I said so many nice things about them. And then I would say more nice things. Actually, any shoe company that wants me to say nice things about them can send me shoes and I will say nice things. I promise.