Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

8:59 Bitches

So – my time trial went well last night.  I ran my mile in 8:59.  That is a 47 second improvement in 9 weeks.  I even beat my arch-nemesis Kim.  (arch-nemesis might be a bit of an exaggeration.  actually we’re pretty good friends.  And she ran 6 miles in under an hour the night before our time trial, whereas I didn’t run at all, so I was all fresh & stuff.  But still, that 4 second lead I had felt good.)

In other running news, I’m going to do the Timberline Marathon this year, I think.  It’s a bit earlier than the Portland marathon, and it’s all trail, which is nice.  Even more excuses to do most of my training on trails.  It looks so pretty!  And fun!  And it’s mostly downhill-ish.  And it’s exactly 6 months away.  I will probably register tomorrow (payday!) and then, it’s time to get serious.  hee.  or, at the very least, have a lot of fun while running grueling distances and punishing my body.

In an effort to boost my metabolism to lose the last few pounds before I start getting into serious distances and have to eat all the time, I’ve started weight training.  2x/week at 6 AM.  I feel stronger.  I’ve also started drinking green tea (yuck).  So far, I don’t feel that my metabolism is any faster, but the exciting combination of that PLUS the fact that I quit WW means that I’ve lost a couple of pounds in the last 2 weeks.  So, I’m feeling good (and eating more) and burning approximately 3500 calories in cardio work each week (although not this week, still recovering from the plague).

Now, I just need some new spring/summer running clothes.  Everything I wore last year kinda falls off now.  And not in a sexy way.  Oh, the horror of having to shop!