Daily Archives: January 23, 2008


I’ve been doing a pretty good job of hitting my shoe porn WEdnesdays – even with all the crazy job stress that’s been going around. For our office holiday party, I received a shoe-of-the-day calendar, and Monday’s shoes, a pair of 1950s Bottier sling-backs were so pretty, that I kind of wanted to marry them. However, I cannot find a picture of them ANYWHERE on the internets…so I may have to take it home and scan it, because you all deserve to see them.

Today, I’m going fancy. Fancy as in Prada that I can’t afford. (I remember once my good friend Margaret had a pair of Prada shoes. I bet she’s not even wearing them in Afghanistan. I know they were a size and a half too big, but don’t you think she should send them to me for safe keeping? I know! I do, too.)

So on to the prettiness. I’m not sure I would actually wear either pair, even if I could afford them, but they are so beautiful and artistic….and that makes me feel a little better in a world where I’m on a weight-loss plateau.

So – I give you Prada: