Daily Archives: May 9, 2007


So, after I’d much such strides in my shoe-addiction recovery, I fell off the wagon last week.

BUT! It wasn’t my fault.

Backstory: A co-worker had come to me the week before to tell me about her exciting new shoes. Apparently, I have developed a reputation. The shoes, they were European, and were sized accordingly. She told me that the website suggested that she was a size 37. “Oh no,” I said. “I’m between a 36 & a 37. You should get a 35 or 36.”

But, she did not bow to my superior shoe knowledge and ordered the 37s. From an online store that charges for shipping BOTH WAYS!

And then, they were too big. So, she offered them to me and my boss – the other small footed people. First, I thought my boss had beat me to them – they were going to do a trade. And, I was a little sad.

But then! The trade shoes did not work, so they were back on the market! And I could not turn them down, for they are cute – and are closer to pointy-toes than anything else I’ve ever owned. They are still a smidge too big, but if I were to get an insole that would keep me from slipping down, I think they’d be delightful.

And – I got them for not too much….

Josef Siebel Faith Mary Janes

I’m not overwhelmed with joy about them – they’re alright. I did need a new pair of Mary Jane’s – the last pair has succumbed to overwear.

Happy shoe porn Wednesday!