Daily Archives: April 18, 2007


I promised porn, and I will deliver.

But first, a story. I<3 Stacy & Clinton. I watch WNTW a lot. I try to live my life (or wear my clothes) based on WWS&CD? (Which is why I finally threw out the pair of pants with the safety pin hemming job….I wore those for 3 years. I am not even kidding.)

However, one thing they constantly advise vexes me. The push for the pointy-toed shoe. I cannot, no matter how long I look at them and how much I try, find them attractive. It’s like a long time ago, when I didn’t think George Clooney was hot, even though I knew I was supposed to think he was hot. And then, one night, I had a fun dream about him. And ever since then? George rocks my boat. So, maybe I just need to hope for a fun dream with pointy-toed shoes (and, as a bonus, George Clooney), and then the love will come.

I spent much of today (and by much of, I mean at least 10 minutes) looking for a pair of pointy-toed shoes that I liked. And although I’m very impressed with the current spring collections (I’m regretting the self-imposed shoe-buying moratorium) I could not find a pair of pointy shoes that I liked. And by liked, I mean: “I would wear.” There were a couple cute leopard-print ones, but I would not wear leopard-print pointy-toed shoes anywhere unless Stacy & Clinton came to me and told me in person that they wanted me to take that step.

So – here are two peep-toed pumps. Because who doesn’t like peep toes? (People who don’t have pedicures, that’s who. And my dislike of pedicures is almost legendary – so now you know the lengths that I am willing to go through to wear cute shoes. Lengths that do not include pointy-toes.)

Steve Madden

Yes, it is Steve Madden day, why do you ask?

Steven by Steve Madden -

But, if you have a pair of pretty pointy shoes, please share them with me – I’d be ever so pleased to pontificate on the prettiness of your points. (Sometimes I get carried away with alliteration…..maybe it’s time to go home, now. )

I also promised fun stories about what I overheard on the bus. Unfortunately, no one has been saying anything interesting (unless you want to hear about some woman’s trip to NYC…and trust me, you don’t). However, if you are a Terry Pratchett fan and have read a number of Discworld books, you may be familiar with Foul Ole Ron – a man who smells so badly that he doesn’t have to panhandle, people just send him money to stay away. His odor is so potent that it has its own personality and can hang around long after Ron himself has left.

People – that man exists, and he was on the train last night. And it’s true, his odor lingered on after he left (I didn’t even know he’d gotten off the train until I got to my stop and realized that he wasn’t sitting across from me anymore – because I could still smell him).

So – hopefully the trip home tonight will be more entertaining.