Five More Weeks & Other Ramblings…Thursday Brain Dump

In five weeks, we will be doing the final packing. Today I ordered boxes. This weekend, we are going through the closet to get rid of everything we can — making a trip to Goodwill this weekend, I guess.Next weekend, we are going on our last SoCal camping trip. We are headed up to Horseshoe Meadows for some backpacking and hiking and unbelievable beauty.

The next weekend, we are going to Catalina. Then the next two weekends we have Hollywood Bowl tickets. Then, it’s moving weekend. Holy crap!

Also, I made an invention today. I was really craving something sweet & chocolatey when I got home, so I made couscous with cocoa, sugar, frozen fruit, and vanilla soy milk. It was pretty darn good. I should get some kind of grant or something.

I wanted to address a comment made about my South Dakota post — specifically about this picture:

It was pointed out to me by someone that Matt with his pants down is only one peculiar thing about this photo. She mentioned hay & cinderblocks as other odd things. I’m just glad that she didn’t bring up the camper shell. We were on a farm! With hay. and machinery. and many other exciting farm-like things. No animals, though. They are strictly a plant farm. It’s funny. I’ve lived in LA for almost 7 years, but I didn’t even think the presence of hay, cinder blocks, and a camper shell was at all weird.

I guess I’ll always be a country girl at heart.

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