Why It’s Better to Hang Out With Stupid People

When I was in Junior High & High School, I was one of the smartest people in my class. There was one other guy who was really smart, but our talents were in different areas, so there wasn’t much competition. The other smart female-person had to work so hard for her grades that I always felt slightly superior to her. I loved being the smartest person in school. (That may explain why I had so few friends. It doesn’t explain why I dated the really really stupid guy. Moving on.) I didn’t have a lot else going for me, in my opinion (although looking back, I was hot. Why weren’t more guys drooling on me?)

Then, I went to college. And lo! there were many smart people. And suddenly, I felt inferior. By the time I graduated, I had lost both my superiority and my inferiority complexes. Since college, I have been friends with smart people, because to be completely honest, you can have much better conversations with smart people. I tried to mix it up for a while by only dating stupid guys, but even that got old, and eventually I had to settle for the smarty-pants architect

However, I have lately been reminded why stupid people are good. Nothing beats having awestruck silence greet every random fact you spew, followed by a hushed question, “How do you know that?” Hello, superiority complex. Thank you, oh stupid boss.

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