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I am a writer. Always a reader. Sometimes a runner. I’ve been a marathoner and a triathlete. I’m a seasonal gardener, a sporadic cheesemaker, and an occasional baker.

I adore cheese and French 75s. Rosé in the garden in summer is one of the best experiences in the world. I am not crafty, but every once in a while, Pinterest makes me think otherwise. I love building Lego creations. (This is not playing Legos with my kid, though – she doesn’t properly follow the instructions).

I have several tattoos, a normal amount of piercings, and not nearly as many beautiful high heels as I used to.

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember but didn’t publish my first novel until I was 40.

I’m not fond of heights, or crowds, or people in general. I do like travel, though, so I put up with flying coach until such time as I have my own private time machine (and/or airplane).

I live in Portland with my kidlet, my boyfriend (the beer guy), four cats, and one fish (RIP, Mr. Fish).

Alvie Bean

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I write a lot about the Bean and writing and reading. I will tell you every time I fall down (which I do more frequently than recommended). I also talk about running and weight loss and exercising and food much more than is interesting, unless you’re me.

Buy my books, hire me, or just comment on my blog to tell me I’m pretty.




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  1. Amy! I was looking at my old blog where I still have you linked and came here to see if you’re still around. Congratulations on the books–you rock! Hope you’re as fantastic as can be. Best, Carrie from Indiana

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