August 2010 Goals

July 2010 Goal Recap

  1. Eat a minimum of 4 servings of fruit/veg each day – Mostly SUCCESS! I definitely increased my fruit & veg intake this month. I didn’t always hit 4 servings, but I did enough times that I am going to count this a success
  2. Make goat cheese AND cheddar cheese – SUCCESS! I made goat cheese, a bunch of mozza, and, instead of cheddar, I made Parmesan! Cheddar & feta are for August!
  3. Lift weights four times; yoga eight times; ride bike to work once/week; swim once/week – FAIL! I lifted weights twice only; yoga-ed seven times, didn’t ride my bike to work even once…I did, however, swim once/week – so that was the only bright spot in this goal.
  4. Redo monthly budget to account for raise – SUCCESS! I redid my whole budget (which I actually really enjoy doing).
  5. Finalize cost estimate for deck; purchase supplies – FAIL! Some pesky architects got a job & certain things have been pushed back! Ah, well…the price we pay for employment.

August 2010 Goals

  1. Get all the veggies harvested & put up
  2. Make the cheddar cheeses
  3. Continue weekly runs, although I would prefer a 120% reduction in personal crimes against me
  4. Get everything replaced (driver’s license, debit cards, phone, etc.) that was stolen from my car
  5. Give first planned speech in Toast without passing out or throwing up. 🙂