Daily Archives: April 25, 2007

No porn today

I am sorry – I have been too busy/overwhelmed/tired to look for shoes – and I don’t want to just willy nilly post the first pair of shoes that I could find. (Although the shoes that Paula Abdul recently wore in public, perhaps on American Idol, I can’t be sure, were really hot.)

So – we have other things. House reports.

We are all moved in. We cleaned the apartment yesterday, so it’s completely official. We are homeowners.

Friday evening, we waited on tenterhooks at our apartment for our realtor to bring over the keys. She’d stopped by the house before coming over to make sure the old owner was gone – he was, but he’d left quite a mess. Aparently he wasn’t too excited about leaving. So, she cleaned up and then came over.

We had a lot of stuff packed up already, and as soon as she left, we grabbed the kitties and headed over for our slumber party. I picked up a pizza on the way, and our realtor had left a 4-bottle (full) wine rack for us.

We had some pizza and drank some wine and let the kitties explore their new home.

Saturday we got up pretty early to pick up the UHaul & head over to the apt. We each had a co-worker show up, and we loaded & finished packing for much of the morning. After much work, we headed to St. John’s, showed off the house (the guys met many, many neighbors) and finally, we went to the local McMenamin’s for lunch (and tots).

I took my friend downtown & headed back (in the rain) to continue the helping.

We finished unloading the truck – and there was only one casualty….a glass lamp broke, and when the box was handed to me, the lamp expressed its displeasure by sticking a 1/2″ glass shard through the cardboard and into my hand.

Once the first aid was administered, we all sat back and had a beer.

Saturday evening was spent looking in dismay and disbelief at all the boxes (pictures to come someday, when I find the rest of my camera components).

Sunday morning, the architect & I once again got up early to return the truck. We took three more pick-up loads of stuff back to the house, and then finally (finally) tried out the new showers.

We took a trip to Home Depot (apparently destined to be our new best friend) and bought some paint, new deadbolts & locks (to ward against the crazy ex-owner) and some other random goodies. That evening, while I made dinner (or cooked rice – whatever) the architect changed the locks.

Monday, I had training from 7 am to 1 pm. Since I was the facilitator, I needed to be at work by 6:30. However, at that time, it only takes about 10 minutes to drive to work, and not 30. So – I was at work by 6:10 or so. I left at about 4, took the super long way to Costco (we got really, really lost), and then, after a delicious Mexican dinner, went to my monthly AAUW meeting.

I got home at about 10 PM that night – exactly 16 hours after leaving.

Yesterday, I felt like crap in the morning – icky tummy issues & complete exhaustion, so I played hooky. The architect decided to stay home, too. He & I picked up his motorcycle, painted my office, cleaned the old apartment, got a couple of groceries, bought a lawn mower, purchased our new queen sized mattress, mowed half of the lawn, taped up the master bedroom in preparation for painting, made dinner, and had a super relaxing day.

So – now for show & tell:

The lawnmower:

It is so awesome – not only are we not polluting, it’s an excellent quad workout. I love our new reel mower. (and that is the explanation, Claire….you were just checking out my flickr too quickly!)

And the colors – which look kinda shitty in this pic. Once they’re all up, I’ll post some pics of the rooms all painted.

The green is called “Garden Room” – and is the color of my office.

The blue is “Ocean Dream” and will be the master bedroom.

The red is “Chili Pepper” and is the living & dining rooms.

We have plans to do the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen & the guest room, but haven’t yet decided on colors.

So – haven’t been busy much. I promise to have house pics very very soon. Also, if you feel you should have my new mailing address, let me know….and I’ll email it to you.